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Wow! Long time no write!

Been very busy lately, with the company launch and all… so it’s been a while since I’ve posted any cool recordings or talked about my escapades. So, time to start writing a bit again. This post will just be an update of what I’ve been doing, some cool recordings I’ve done on the side, etc…

So, where to being?

For my birthday, back at the beginning of October, my parents flew me up to DC (where they were at a conference for a weekend) so I could celebrate with them. During the trip, I picked up a car from them and then took the Autotrain back to Florida. Now, that’s a 19 hour train ride. So I’d be silly not to bring a recorder with me! So I packed up my RØDE NT4 and a Sound Devices 702T and I was on my way.

Quick Tangent: DC was awesome. PERFECT weather, got to meet up with Steve and Karol Urban and Shaun Farley to have lunch, then got to tour Karol’s studio at Discovery. Fun trip! Also got to grab some room tone in different areas (hotel was nice and quiet, and my room tone library is lacking!)

Perfect Weather in DC

So, onto the fun stuff. I was able to get three really unique recordings on the train. Two were ambiences, one was a hard effect. This first one I got was in the bathroom on the lower level of the train (it’s a 2-story train car). The bathrooms are similar to what you’d find in an airplane, just quite a bit roomier (big enough to change clothes in), and every surface was stainless steel. So I pulled out my mic, made a few adjustments, and waited for the train to steady a little. The following is a recording of the ambience in the bathroom while the train was travelling smoothly at about 30mph.

Very cool ambience IMO. Very “spaceshipy”.

Next, as you probably guessed, comes the vacuum toilet in the bathroom. Again, same room, same mic setup:

That sound reminds me a bit of the sound Ann Scibelli used for the Enterprise door sounds in Star Trek (See video here). I’ve always been intrigued by this sound. I don’t know if I think it’s disgusting or if its just awesome. Either way, I love it.

Next up is a recording I made later in the night. When you walk between cars on the train, you are in open air straddling the two cars for about 4 feet. It can get a bit bumpy out there, but nobody seems to have too much trouble transitioning between cars. I was sitting rather close to the door to the dining car, so there was a lot of traffic until around 12 or 1am, so I didn’t even try to get a recording before then. My plan was to get outside of the door and straddle the two cars for a few minutes, with both doors into the cars closed. I figured this would probably look a bit sketchy, so I waited until almost everybody was asleep (which didn’t take very long, since I was the youngest person on the train by 30 years…), and all the day time crew had retired to their quarters. Didn’t want to freak anyone out.

So I grabbed by gear, made sure everything was on and ready to go (didn’t want to be fiddling with gear while straddling two train cars…), and headed out. Closed the door behind me and figured out a stable way to support myself and started recording. Here is an excerpt of the recording:

So, those are my new updates for now. More to come soon (I have a few more recordings up my sleeve to share). You can probably expect most of this stuff to make an appearance in one of my libraries over at HartFX sometime in the near future as well.

Thanks for tuning in!

Some of you may have already attended David Sonnenschein’s 6-week sound design webinar earlier this month (reported on by Miguel Isaza each week, available to read here), but for those that missed it, you can still be a part of it! David recorded all of the webinars in video format and is now offering them for a discounted price. You won’t get to interact with him and others as you would in the actual webinar, but you get all of the information for a great price!

Now, this isn’t your typical video series on sound design that you might find in a DVD extra or somewhere on Youtube. This is legit pro stuff. It’s a series of Six 2-hour sessions, and they are available to watch at the discounted rate of $95 if you register by October 27 (the recordings will be available for you to watch until January 15th, 2011, which is when the next webinar starts). Click here to register now for the webinar!

*FYI, the title on the signup says “September 8th”, which is when the original recording was made. Have no fear! It is the correct link! When you sign up, it will give you access to the recordings.*

Here’s a sample video of what is covered in the webinar:

Here are the topics covered:

1. THE INTELLIGENT EAR – Listening Modes, Sound Qualities and Bipolarities
By deconstructing the listening experience into discrete elements, the grammar of sound design language gives you access for clear and powerful communication.

2. PLUG-IN POWER – Size, Distance, Speed and Non-Physical Reality
Understanding principles of real world acoustics and palette of subjective auditory experiences offers you enlightened use of digital processing tools.

3. RULES OF the BRAIN ROAD – Psychoacoustic Principles and Applications
When the curtain is lifted on how humans process auditory information, you master the art of sonic illusion (creating and hiding) as essential tools in sound editing.

4. SONIC TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM – Soundscapes and Sound Spheres
Creating an effective cinematic space depends on familiarity with your physical and social environment, and the knowledge of how to psychologically orient yourself through audio.

5. AUDIO BUILDING BLOCKS – Constructing Sound Events and Sound Objects
Mastering techniques of sequencing, layering and mixing will infuse sonic fragments (sound effects, words) with meaningful messages (sound phrases, sentences).

6. PEOPLE, PLOT AND PASSION – Narrative Structure and Sound Mapping
Bottom line, how can sound help tell your story? By understanding dramatic elements of character and emotion, the map can guide you to creative and impactful decision-making.

David is a wonderful teacher. He has been a mentor to be for about 6 months now. You definitely won’t regret checking this one out!

After about 8 weeks of non-stop work, I’ve finally launched! I have my first library for sale starting today, my Industrial library! I posted a demo a week ago, but here it is again, for good measure :-)

Check it out over at !

Excerpt of the library description from the site:

It’s HUGE. As in almost 24gb of sound. All in 192k/24b. If you played all of the the files back to back, it would take you over 5 1/2 hours to listen to it all. And that’s not even the cool part.
This is kind of a unique library. I recorded with a number of microphone (up to 8 at times) into two Deva V recorders (a single one didn’t like recording 8 channels of 192k/24b!). Then in post, I mixed and matched different mics to make the baddest, beefiest sounding tools I could. But the cool thing is that I’ve also included the separate mics on their own, all time aligned and all, so you can do your own mix, or just chose one perspective you like for a specific sound. So there are over 1000 sounds, but sometimes you have 5 different perspectives of the same sound. Completely customizable! It’s all labelled in the metadata too, so you can search by how many feet the mic was from the sound if you’d like, or from Close, Medium, or Far Perspectives.


My Industrial sound library, that is. The Complete HD version is 23.54GB! That’s HUGE!!! 281 files, over 5.5 hours of sound! I will be releasing it very soon, so check back for details in the next day or two. For now, here’s a demo of some of the sounds from the library!

INDUSTRIAL 001 Complete HD Samples by Colin Hart

Let me know what you think!

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